by Rizwan Qureishi

Transforming Financial Landscape

Pioneering India’s first AI based financial service provider, we at SSBA Innovations aim at challenging the conventional processes of financial planning and tax advisory, by giving access to intensive research-based advice and customized portfolio analysis for one and all at a click of a button and a fraction of the cost.

Currently, financial advisory and tax planning functions are mainly carried out by broking companies and their middlemen like investment managers, relationship managers, chartered accountants, etc. Their cost of employees and the running of the business is mainly recovered by aggressive sales of products and services, which becomes highly inconvenient and disruptive for investors. We aim to eradicate the human element in financial planning as we believe that our systems can do a better job at much lesser maintenance. We believe that AI based financial planning is the future, and we have taken the first step.

Unbiased Financial Planning

Harnessing financial technology to reach out to the smart, savvy, and young demographic of investors, we endeavour to eradicate human error and bias in managing your money. This ensures financial planning is consistent with risk profile and financial goals.

Our portals and services provide solutions suitable to the client’s interest and do not differentiate between them on the basis of subjective factors such as the size of client portfolio, commissions, etc. The same research and analysis tools are available at the disposal of all of our customers to take advantage of. We source our solutions via direct channels and do not charge clients on product basis.

One stop solution

Our aim is to develop 360-degree financial planning solutions for our clients, to empower them to make expert financial decisions through our integrated and efficient portals. We want to make available to our clients a plethora of options related to investment, insurance, loans, property or any other products best suited to their short-term and long-term needs.

With a wide range of diversified offerings, we want to create a scenario where we can satisfy our clients’ every possible financial planning need. Our immediate offerings are related to tax planning, investment planning, insurance planning and facilitating loans. We plan to include more and more offerings within our umbrella in the near future.